Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind TruFacta?

TruFacta is privately funded by the founder and a few small but generous donations by a small group of anonymous truth seekers.

The founder chooses to remain discreet at this time.

However, the founder is a 53-year-old patriot, 3rd generation American with family members that served in the Military. The founder experienced some success as a DotCom entrepreneur who founded (or was instrumental to the founding) of over 40+ ventures through their business incubator in the ’90’s and early 2000’s.

That Incubator turned $3.2 million in Angel funding into over $83 million – out-performing the S&P 500 and many venture capital firms that focused on angel rounds. He resides in Arizona with his family and a pet. 


Is my listing FREE and is there a “catch”?

We will always have a free version of our listings.

We desire to grow the site (in terms of both listings and traffic), so all of our upgrades through the foreseeable future can be earned through some simple and easy cross-promotion activities (primarily linking to your listing, and mentioning us in your videos and podcasts).

While TruFacta is in beta, we are trusting in the honor system; as we exit beta status, we will be switching over to an affiliate tracking system to assure the fairest means of rewarding those who do the most to help TruFacta grow. When that time comes, your earned rewards can be applied to upgrades and unlock some features.


How will TruFacta be monetized?

You have probably noticed all the advertising placeholders throughout the site. So, Advertising is one avenue we will explore. At this point in time, the TruFacta team and advisors are open to all ideas – with the most important goal being that the TRUTH always be free and accessible. That said, in building TruFacta, the team has been careful to not close any doors in function or design of the overall development roadmap. 

What is the corporate structure?

At this point, the TruFacta team has been moving slowly, careful not to expend too much of our capital on legal and accounting. Soon, however, Trufacta LLC will be formed in the state of Arizona.


Will you consider making TruFacta a non-profit.

The TruFacta team does not know the answer to that question, just suffice it to say that our mission is to make sure the truth is free (and accessible), so non-profit status is not off the table as a long-term strategy.


How can I contact you?

You can reach the TruFacta team by going to our contact page HERE.

I have a question that has not been addressed here

Please send your question using our contact page HERE.