Directory Claim and New Submittal Instructions

How to claim a listing:   Instructions to claim your listing…


    1. 1) Visit and scroll through the listings to find your MAIN listing and will have the following icons:

      1. 2) You can also use the site-wide search feature (magnifying glass icon on the bottom right corner of the page header). NOTE: Some listings come up twice. You cannot claim the listing that shows the published date, as shown below: Visual Differences Between a Post and a Listing

        1. 3) Be sure to bookmark (using the heart icon) then click the claim (flag) button. This will take you to a dashboard registration form and require that you register with the site.

          1. 4) Complete the registration (with your username, email, and a password). Within minutes, you should get a verification email (make sure to check spam).

            1. 5) Please click the link in the email to verify your registration.

              1. 6) While in beta, TruFacta admin must manually release the profile to you, so please be patient, this could take as much as 24 to even 48 hours.

                1. 7) Admin will email you once your listing has been put in your profile. More detailed instructions will be attached to that email in the form of a PDF file.

                  1. 8) Questions? Please take a quick peek at our FAQ page HERE.