About Us

What is TruFacta?

Trufacta is a comprehensive crowdsourced directory of citizen journalists, alternative news websites, channels, reporters, passionate outspoken pundits, and weekend warrior truth seekers striving toward a common goal of setting the truth free.

All are welcome regardless of political ideology, faith, race or orientation.

The TruFacta Mission:

The current state of all media is deeply concerning – with shadow banning, de-monitization and outright censorship of the liberation of the truth combined with aggressive propaganda machines and dis-information interference, TruFacta is desperately needed now more than ever! We believe if facts were organized and presented to only reveal the truth to the public without bias or agenda, most citizens might come to conclusions and opinions that are quite different from those being fed to them. Thus, TruFacta’s mission is two-fold:

Phase I (Public Beta) – Curate a comprehensive directory of alternative media news outlets and sources where all are welcome regardless of political ideology.

Phase II (Coming Soon) – Make it possible for the public to collaborate and work together in a crowdsourced effort to vet all claims and sources of any media news report.

We believe that when this happens, the real, raw, unadulterated truth is distilled away from the noise, the hype, and the bias to reveal true insight that can easily be understood by the masses and translated into action where needed.  

Who is behind TruFacta?

TruFacta is privately funded by the founder and a few small but generous donations by a small group of anonymous truth seekers.

The founder chooses to remain discreet at this time.

However, the founder is a 53-year-old patriot, 3rd generation American with family members that served in the Military. The founder experienced some success as a DotCom entrepreneur who founded (or was instrumental to the founding) of over 40+ ventures through their business incubator in the ’90’s and early 2000’s.

That Incubator turned $3.2 million in Angel funding into over $83 million – out-performing the S&P 500 and many venture capital firms that focused on angel rounds. He resides in Arizona with his family and pets.